Dog walking and running

A lengthy Nap

After a long walk, run or hike, your dog will be ready for a lengthy nap!

I know my beloved dogs are, including, Luna, pictured above.

I will make sure they complete their business and are properly exercised, watered or fed.

1 thought on “Dog walking and running”

  1. She great and you can tell she is going to treat your dog like it’s her dog. Our dog looks forward to her twice a week 30 minute walk. You can tell our dog loves the extra attention she gets on those days. In addition, She lets her out if we are going to be gone to long on a weekend and also is going to be taking car of her while we go out of town. She always leaves a detailed note which we appreciate. She is very flexible and gets back to you right away when you email her. I would recommend Startfreshpa and Mary
    Our Dogs Love Running to anyone that wants their dog treate 40 d like they should be!! It is wonderful working with Mary This is a very professional company, great customer service and best of all they take great care of our dogs!

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