I live in the Brier Creek suburb of Raleigh North Carolina and I am listed on Next Door. I am a Veteran, with careers in Retail mgt and Dental Assisting. I coached youth sports for 20 years, raised 4 kids, and I have 3 grandkids. I am the proud owner and sole employee of StartFreshpa.com, a Domestic Services Company. No job is too big and I can do the work of two people and I’d love to prove it!

I can do the work of two people and id

Start Fresh Offers Cleaning, organizing, running errands, laundry and ironing, Pet Care, Driver, Fitness Partner, gardening, tutoring, deep cleaning, meal prep and cooking

Anything to make your life easier!

To Start Fresh TODAY email Mary @ mgsmith2010@gmail.com or call/text 9199041230

I take Covid and the Flu seriously and I wear appropriate protection and use Bacteria Killing Solutions